Who is She? Cure Dragon! (彼女は? キュアドラゴン! Dare wa? Kyua Doragon!) is the first episode of the fanseries, Zodiac Pretty Cure! 


Dare wa? Kyua Doragon!
Zodiac Pretty Cure! episode 1
彼女は? キュアドラゴン!
"Who's that? Cure Dragon!"
Air date February 7 2015
Episode Guide
Opening Ganbatte! Zodiac Pretty Cure!
Ending Zodiac GoGo!!
Directed by starmix03
Written by starmix03

Somewhere around Beijing, China, there was a small, secret country called Shengxiao. There lived all the 12 Chinese Zodiacs. And a Queen. One day, there was an evil trio called The Zodiarks. The Zodiarks came to invade Shengxiao. Everyone was panicking. then the Queen told her 12 Special Zodiacs to go to Earth and find Pretty Cure.

One day in Hanasaku Chinatown, Hanabira Daichi was going to school. Then, on the way, she met her best friend, Aokawa Mizu. After school, Daichi decides to go to Mizu's restaurant called 'The 12 Zodiacs'. After eating there, Daichi goes home. When she's doing her homework, there was something strange in the sky. Daichi opens the window and she thought that it was a star. But, no. It was 3 animals. The 3 animals landed to Daichi's face. Daichi was surprised that it was 3 animals. The 3 animals introduced themselves, and they told Daichi if they can stay with her overnight. Daichi refuses, but at the end she accepts because the 3 animals keeps on persuading her.

The next day, Daichi goes to school. Secretly, the 3 animals sneaked inside her bag and they went to school too. After school, Daichi was angry. But something appeared in the sky, The Zodiarks were back! The 3 animals got really scared. Then, a Zodiark summoned a monster, and The 3 Animals quickly created a Zodiac Cell just for Daichi. 

Daichi transforms into Cure Dragon. She soon purifies the monster with Dragon Impact. After the monster has been purified, Daichi quickly observes the Zodiac Cell. She nearly told Mizu about it, but the 3 animals try to stop her. Luckily, they did. Daichi was forced to go home by the 3 animals. Soon, Mizu was curious what Daichi was about to tell her...


  • Hanabira Daichi/Cure Dragon
  • Aokawa Mizu
  • Drago
  • Tiggy
  • Slither
  • Midorihara Kaze

Major Events

  • Daichi became a Pretty Cure for the first time

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