Personal Information
Birthday Date???
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorGold
Home PlaceDark Tower
Theme ColorRed
Anime Information
SeasonMerry Christmas! Pretty Cure
First AppearanceMCPC01
Yuugure (ユウグレ Yuugure) is one of the subordinates from Sorrow. He appears for the first time in Episode 1 right at the end when Ichinose Miyabi transforms into Cure Merry. He appears around twenty-five years old.


Yuugure has red hair with gold eyes. He wears a loose fitting red shirt with black pants and a red sash around his waist.


Yuugure is the first of the subordinates to appear in the series to attack Pretty Cure. His goal in the first episode was to defeat Cure Happiness, but was pissed of in Episode 2 when Cure Merry defeated his Yasha for her first time. Yuugure continues to attack Cure Happiness but is always stopped by Cure Merry. When Cure Gift appears, he sets his goal to defeat Cure Merry.


Yuugure has an annoying personality where he can't stop talking about one thing without someone to tell him to shut up. He has a friendly personality to his teammates but when it comes to Pretty Cure, he has a rude, rough personality.


Like his teammates, he can hover above the ground but he gets tired really easily and usually falls to the ground really fast and hurting himself. He can teleport as well and can shot fire out of his palms.


  • He shares the same eye colour with his friend Merrick.
  • His names means evening or twilight.

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