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Yumeko Arisa is one of cures from Sisters Pretty Cure, her alter ego is Cure Trust.  

Yumeko Arisa
夢子 ありさ
Yumeko Arisa
Personal Information
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceRainbow Town
RelativesYumeko Ariana (Twin sister)

Yumeko Honoka (Mother) Yumeko Arata (Father)

Alter EgoCure Trust
Theme ColorPink and Golden
Anime Information
SeasonSisters Pretty Cure
First AppearanceSPC01


Arisa is cheerful girl. She is great at sports and very popoular at school, especially with girls. She always protect weaker. She loves eating - especially food Ariana cooked.


Early life

Becoming Cure Trust


Yumeko ArianaAriana is Arisa's sister twin and best friend.

Peppy - Peppy is Arisa's mascot partner and they are often arguing.



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