Yukain Akira
Yukain Akira
SeasonSweet Warrior Pretty Cure
Eye Colorblue (Akira)

red (Strawberry Muffin)

Hair Colorred (Akira)

light pink (Strawberry Muffin)

Home PlaceIchigoichi (former)

Kanbi City (current)

First AppearanceSWPC01
Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Strawberry Muffin
Theme Colorpink

Yukain Akira is one of the main Cures from Sweet Warrior Pretty Cure. She is a very bright and joyful girl. She just moved to this town and met Mayu and Kokoro at school. In her new school, she got the nickname Ichigo. She is not really good in study and sports but she is always trying her best. Her alter ego is Cure Strawberry Muffin (キュアストロベリーマフィン Kyua Sutoroberī Mafin) the Cure of love.

Her catchphrase is "Da da da~~" (ダダダ〜〜 Dadada~~).


Old Live

Moving to Kanbi City

Adventure as Pretty Cure


Akira is a hyperactive, sympathetic and emotional girl, who tries her best at matchmaking but often fails. She also dislikes studying and sports, but for school she always tries to do the best she can.


Akira has chin length red hair. Her eyes are blue colored. Her casual outfit consist of a light pink jacket and a white dress underneath. She wears a deep pink belt over the dress. She wears blue ankle boots and a silver bracelet at her left arm. She carries her Berry Charm like a normal necklace.

As Cure Strawberry Muffin, her hair grow to her knees and become light pink. Her eyes change to red. She wears a pink chocker and pink heart earrings. Her outfit consists of a deep pink dress with poofy short sleeves, a light pink bow on her chest and a heart shaped, white colored, clip. Her dress has a double-layered skirt. Her boots are similar to Cure Beauty's.


Mikatakiyoi Mayu -

Nandaka Kokoro -

Cherry Senshi -

Cure Strawberry Muffin

Popular berry meets delicious tarts! Sweet Cake! Cure Strawberry Muffin!
Ninki no berī oishī taruto o mitashite iru! Amai kēki! Kyua Sutoroberī Mafin!

Cure Strawberry Muffin (キュアストロベリーマフィン Kyua Sutoroberī Mafin) is Akira's pretty Cure alter ego. She holds the power of love.



Fruity! Pretty Cure Sugar Rush! - "Fruity! Pretty Cure Sugar Rush!" is the official transformation speech used by Yukain Akira to transform into Cure Strawberry Muffin in Sweet Warrior Pretty Cure.


Yukain (湯快ん) -

Akira (昭) -

Cure Strawberry Muffin -


  • Akira is FairySina's first pink lead Cure since Dance Pretty Cure.
  • Cure Strawberry Muffin is the first Cure in History who has a "douple" Cure name.
  • Akira is the first lead Cure who is bad at studies and sport.
  • Cure Strawberry Muffin is th first pink Cure who has light pink hair.
  • Akira has the same seiyuu as Regina from Doki Doki Pretty Cure.