Yoru Migaki
Yoru Migaki
夜 磨き
Yoru Migaki
Personal Information
Hair ColorLight Purple (Migaki)

Dark Purple (Moonlight Mirage and Twilight)

Eye ColorPurple (all forms)
Home PlaceFirst Harmony
Alter EgoCure Twilight (current)

Cure Moonlight Mirage (former)

Theme ColorPurple
Anime Information
SeasonHeartbeat Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceHBPC04
"I will not forgive what you are doing!"
―Yoru Migaki, Heartbeat Pretty Cure! catchphrase

Yoru Migaki (夜 磨き Yoru Migaki?) is the final Cure in Heartbeat Pretty Cure!. She tends to love someone when sadness arrives and sings about her sadness as an idol. Her current Cure form is Cure Twilight (キュアトワイライト Kyua Towairaito?).




Past Life

Meeting the Mascots

Becoming Cure Twilight

Cure Twilight






Yoru - Tranlates to night

Migaki - Translates to shine

Together her name means "night shine" but can also be interpreted as "shining night".

Cure Twilight - Her Cure name is similar to her past name, but Migaki likes to say it is referring to her civilian name.


  • It is unknown why Migaki has no mascot but could still receive a Heartbeat Perfume. The most reasonable explanation is that she was very similar to Tsukikage Yuri in her past (who doesn't have a mascot anymore).
  • She is very similar to Yoruno Misao.

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