Miku Yoda
Yoda Miku
依田 みく
Yoda Miku
Personal Information
Birthday DateNovember 5
Hair ColorDark Green (Miku)

Pink (Cure Sunday)

Eye ColorBrown
Alter EgoCure Sunday
Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
SeasonHappy Days Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceHDPC01
Yoda Miku (依田 みく Yoda Miku?) is the Lead Cure in Happy Days Pretty Cure!. She is a 14-year-old energetic and upbeat girl, who has a happy-go-lucky personality, loves eating sweets and is in a Cheerleading Club, but hates studing more than anything. Her cathphrase is "Today is my lucky day!". Her alter ego is Cure Sunday and her theme color is pink.



In common, Miku is a real cheerful, lively and energetic girl, however once she tired it becomes very easy to annoy her. She may have a short temper and be very stubborn, but is a nice, great friend who is fun to hang around with. Unlike other Lead Cures, nimble Miku doesn't seem to be clumsy at all and is pretty good at cheerleading. She is okay at sports, but sucks at studing.


Getting supported by Junko

Meeting Week

After having a lunch on the school's roof Miku is right about to go inside, but looks at the sky where she sees something strange. Once she looks at it carfully, Miku finds out that it is a toy-like creature falling towards her. Miku starts to panic, untill the creature finally falls down and hits her in the face. She hits the creature back and shouts angrily at it. The creature shouts at Miku as well, but then calms down and introduces as Week.

Becoming Cure Sunday

Cheering on Shina

Cure Sunday

"Cheery day brings happiness, Cure Sunday!"
Yōkina hi wa shiawase o motarasu! Kyua Sandē!

Cure Sunday (キュアサンデー Kyua Sandei?) is the alter Pretty Cure ego of Miku. She is the Cure of Cheer.

Cure Rainbow Sunday





Nori Junko:

Takara Oki:

Niwa Suzume:

Tatsuya Shina:

Fujisaki Rena:

Nakamura Yuko:


Miku has several songs performed by her voice actress, Omigawa Chiaki (who is known for voicing Maka Albarn from Soul Eater and many other characters).






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