Yes! Precure 5 Gogo x Free iwatobi swim club: The past of beautiful dream. This is Prangmaluffy Pretty Cure series with her other favorite anime called Free iwatobi swim club. I hope everyone enjoyed it!


Nozomi and friends have a normal holiday at the beach. But Nightmare is come again. And They started to steal people's dream. Nozomi saw the group of boys that their dream are stolen. Nozomi and friends transform to help them but it's too late. They lose their dreams and memorial. Nozomi and friends have to help them bring their dreams and memories.


Pretty Cure

Yumehara Nozomi // Cure Dream

She have a normal holiday with friends. And she met Haruka and friends there. Nozomi have to help Haruka and friends get their dream and memories back.

Natsuki Rin // Cure Roughe

Katsugano Urara // Cure Lemonade

Akimoto Komaji // Cure Mint

Minatsuki Karen // Cure Aqua

Mimino Kurumi // Milk // Milky Rose

Free! Iwatobi swim club

Nanase Haruka - He is a quiet boy that help by Nozomi. He lose his dreams and memories.He really like to swimming. Nozomi called him in name "Haru-chan"

Tachibana Makoto - He is a cheerful boy. And he is Haruka's best friend. He like to swimming like Haruka and he always going with Haruka and Nagisa. He was help by Karen. And he really like her too.

Hazuki Nagisa - He is a cheerful and active boy. He is look like a girl. He is Haruka and Makoto's friend. He like to swimming like his friends. He was help by Milky Rose or Kurumi. He had crushed on her immediately.








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