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Yellow Thunder
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Yellow Thunder

Saffron performing Yellow Thunder

Yellow Thunder (キイロサンダー Kīro Sandā?) is Cure Saffron's first attack in Sky Pretty Cure. Later, this attack is replaced by Crystal Storm.


Cure Saffron reaches for the sky as she calls: “Bring back the color of true strength!” a golden thunder hits her hand and she let the power of it flow through her whole body. While doing that, she has her eyes closed. She opens it and holds her arm behind her body. “Pretty Cure...” she calls and slowly pushs her arm to the Katahowa. “Yellow Thunder!” she sends a golden lightning to the monster and defeats it. It disappears in many sparkles.



Cure Saffron: 真の強さの色がよみがえる!
Cure Saffron: プリキュアキイロサンダー!


Cure Saffron: Shin no tsuyo-sa no iro ga yomigaeru!
Cure Saffron: Purikyua Kīro Sandā!


Cure Saffron: Bring back the color of true strength!
Cure Saffron: Pretty Cure Yellow Thunder!



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