Yasha (ヤシャ Yasha) are the main monsters of Merry Christmas! Pretty Cure that are created by throwing a black diamond at an object or a human beings and the subordinate who threw the diamond, must say "Come forth, Yasha!" (ヤシャ、出てくる! Yasha, detekuru!). Yuugure and Merrick are usually summoning Yashas without a care in the world of what they using as their object. When Dolores and Jabez appear, they are usually targeting humans who are having sad or angry thoughts.

In Episode 23, it is shown that the subordinates can use a big, red diamond card that will make a stronger Yasha than usual and it becomes bigger. But it will make the subordinates weak everytime it gets hurt by the Pretty Cure's attacks.

In Episode 37, it is shown that Kage, the leader of Sorrow, can make the Yasha's as well and they are way stronger than the subordinate's Yasha's and can defeat the Pretty Cure in one blow.

The Yasha's are voiced by Hiroshi Naka.


Almost all Yasha's have the same adornments. They have red eyes with a black iris, a black or red diamond somewhere on their body and sometimes they even have black crown on their head, which probably symbolises that they are stronger than usual. The colour of the Yasha's body depends on what object or human thought it was born from. When they are defeated, their eyes turn blue and they say "Thank you" (ありがとう Arigatou), than they disappear and go back to what they were originally were.

List of Yasha

Possessing Abilities Summoned by Defeated with
MCPC01 Lamp Attacking from behind Yuugure Healing Shower


  • This is the second monster from the Pretty Cure franchise to be summoned by a diamond-like card. The first was the monsters from Fresh Pretty Cure.
  • This is the third season of Pretty Cure to have the monsters from that season to be born from a human. The first two were Heartcatch Pretty Cure! and Doki Doki!Pretty Cure.
    • Even though Merry Christmas! Pretty Cure does have Yasha's being created by a human beings, it isn't shown as much as it does in Heartcatch Pretty Cure! and Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.

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