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Sora Yamoto
矢本 そら
Yamoto Sora
Personal Information
Birthday DateApril 5th
Hair ColorDark Green (Sora)

Green (Cure Vega)

Eye ColorDark Green (Sora)

Green (Cure Vega)

RelativesYamoto Eri (mother), Yamoto Mamoru (father), Yamoto Yukiteru (elder brother)
Alter EgoCure Vega
Theme ColorGreen
Anime Information
Season5★Stars Pretty Cure!
First Appearance5★SPC04
Yamoto Sora (矢本 そら Yamoto Sora?) is one of the Cures in 5★Stars Pretty Cure!, a 13 year old 1st year student in Starfall Academy who is Kihara Pika's classmate. She is a very hyper and flexible girl, who often meditates and excels in yoga. She is also great at archery and is the part of Starfall Academy's Archery Team. Her parents own Yamoto Zen Club. She transforms into Cure Vega and her theme color is green.



Sora is a kind of person who is full of energy, so gets tired seldomly but doesn't act annoying at all. She may be an independent girl who likes to do strange things and seems careless sometimes, though having a passionate heart and being hard-working. Once around Sayaka, she can surprisingly become quite obedient.


Meeting Sayaka and Akai

Becoming Cure Vega

Cure Vega

"Mighty lighting green star, Cure Vega!"
Kyōdaina shōmei midori no hoshi! Kyua Bega!

Cure Vega (キュアベガ Kyua Bega?) is the alter Pretty Cure ego of Sora.

Super Cure Vega

Cure Rainbow Vega

Starlet Vega




Hoshina Sayaka

"Our leader is always right!"
―Sora, telling Pika while standing up for Sayaka

Sora is fascinated by Sayaka's role as their leader and considers her being perfect at leading, thus always agrees with her about almost anything.

Hiyama Akai

Yamoto Sora

Sukiyaki Megumi






Sora has several songs performed by her voice actress, Kotobuki Minako (who also voiced Hishikawa Rikka from DokiDoki! Pretty Cure and Kotobuki Tsumugi from K-ON).







  • Sora is the second Green Cure to be 13 years old. The first is Hana Kotoba from Pure Mirage Pretty Cure!.
  • Sora shares the same voice actress with Hishikawa Rikka (Kotobuki Minako), while not having any other similarities.
  • Sora is the only Cure who's parents own a Zen Club instead of a sweet or flower selling shop.
  • Though being the counterpart of Akimoto Komachi and Midorikawa Nao, Sora shares some similarities with Aoki Reika:
    • Both are in Archery Team, being quite good at it.
    • Both are rased in a traditional Japanese family.
    • Both are hard-working and obedient.
    • Both have an elder brother.

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