Mizuki Yamizora
闇空 みずき
Yamizora Mizuki
Personal Information
Birthday DateMarch 3
Hair ColorDark purple (Mizuki)

Lilac (Cure Moon)

Eye ColorGrey (Mizuki)

Pale blue (Cure Moon)

Alter EgoCure Moon
Glittery Moon
Theme ColorSilver
Anime Information
SeasonShining Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceShiPC01

Yamizora Mizuki (闇空 みずき Yamizora Mizuki?) is one of the main characters in Shining Pretty Cure!. A bit nervous girl, who became Pretty Cure along with Hotaru and the smart, but uncommunicative student council president in Miehikari Junior High School. Her alter ego is Cure Moon (キュアムーン Kyua Mūn?). She is voiced by Nakamura Eriko.



Mizuki is a mysterious and quiet girl who prefers to be alone, despite of being always surrounded by other students. She is intelligently developed, so her grades are always excellent and she is one of the best students in Miehikari Junior High School.


Cure Moon

"Pure silver light, Cure Moon!"
Junsui gin no hikari! Kyua Mūn!

Cure Moon (キュアムーン Kyua Mūn?) is the alter Pretty Cure ego of Mizuki. She symbolizes purity and mystery and her powers are related to moonlight.


Perfect Radiance (パーフェクトラディアンス Pāfekuto Radiansu?) is a group attack performed with Cure Sun to purify Kiriritsuzens.

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