Yamamoto Rena
Rena Earth
Yamamoto Rena
Personal Information
Hair ColorGreen
Eye ColorGreen
Home PlaceHikari Town
RelativesYamamoto Yuri (mother)

Yamamoto Luis (father) Yamamoto Komachi (sister)

Alter EgoCure Earth
Theme ColorGreen
Anime Information
Season5 Lights Pretty Cure!

Let's Go! 5 Lights Pretty Cure!

First Appearance5LPC!03

 Yamamoto Rena is one of cures form 5 Lights Pretty Cure! and Let's Go! 5 Light's Pretty Cure! Her alter ego is Cure Earth.


Rena is quiet calm girl. She is good at studying. She loves to read and dreams to be a writer.


Coming soon...

Cure Earth

Coming soon....


Ayuzawa Mizuki - After Mizuki became Pretty Cure they became very good friends.

Ann - At the begining Ann and Rena didn't have any special relationship, but later they came closer and Rena noticed that she has crush on his human form.



  • Rena is a bit similiar to Akimoto Komachi
    • They both want to become writers and love to read.
    • Relationship Rena has with Ann is similiar to one Komachi has with Nuts.
    • By coincidence Rena's older sister's name is Komachi.

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