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Wonderland Pretty Cure
Wandārando Purikyua
General Information
Created onAugust 2013
Opening SongWinter !Yatta! Pretty Cure!
Ending SongFalling snow!
Series Info


PredecessorEvery Power Pretty Cure!
SuccessorBest Friends! Pretty Cure

Wonderland Pretty Cure (ワンダーランドプリキュア Wandārando Purikyua) is FairySina's sixth Fan Series. The story is about a group of girls who have the ability to transform into Pretty Cure. The Season's theme is the winter and friendship.


Wonderland Pretty Cure Episodes

The beautiful Wonderland got attacked by Hideri, a Organisation guided by Bigg. Bigg wanted the power of the Holy Crystal. But the Queen of Wonderland split the Crystal into 60 shards, which she sent to the earth. To rescue his home, Wolf decided to go to earth and find all 60 shards, before Hideri. His sister disappeared after Wolf left. The princess of Wonderland, followed Wolf to earth to find the shards.

After Wolf found the first shard, he got attacked by Hideri. The shard gave to sisters his powers and they transformed into Pretty Cure.



Fuyuba Kori (冬場氷 Fuyuba Kōri)/Cure Ice (キュアアイス Kyuaaisu)
Kori is Yuki's older twin sister. She likes to be outside and play hockey. However, she is not really good at school, except for sport. She is the leader of the group and her partner is Cure Snow. Her alter ego is Cure Ice(キュアアイス Kyuaaisu), the Cure of Water.

Fuyuba Yuki (冬場雪 Fuyba Yuki)/Cure Snow (キュアスノー Kyuasunō)
Yuki is Kori's younger twin sister. She likes reading books but also Plays hockey together with her sister. Yuki is the best student in her class. She is good at studies and sports. Her alter ego is Cure Snow (キュアスノー Kyuasunō), the Cure of Wind.

Tsumetasa Emily (冷たさエミリー Tsumeta-sa Emirī)/Cure Snow-White (キュアスノーホワイト Kyuasunōhowaito)
Emily is a student at Kori and Yuki's school. They are in the same class. Emily is a great dancer. As PreCure, Emily fought for the Wonderland before the series started. She also helped the other Cures, but without showing her true identity. Her alter ego is Cure Snow-White (キュアスノーホワイト Kyuasunōhowaito), the Cure of rhythm.

Tomokoi Sara (友恋サラ Tomokoi Sara)/Cure Mate (キュアマテ Kyuamate)
Sara is a young student. She is a very kind girl and likes to help other people. She likes to see them happy. Sara is also good at drawing. After PreCure saved the town for the first time, she started to draw her own Manga about them. Her alter ego is Cure Mate (キュアマテ Kyuamate), the Cure of love.


Wolf (ウルフ Urufu)
Wolf is a creature from the Wonderland. He came to earth to find his sister. But he actually found Pretty Cure. Now, he and the Cures try to find his sister. Wolf think that Hideri kidnaped his sister. He always ends his sentences with "~rufu"

Flake (フレーク Furēku)
Flake is Little creature from the Wonderland. She is Wolf's younger sister.


Bigg (ビッグ Biggu)
Bigg is the Boss of Hideri.

Ensho (炎暑 Ensho)

Mosho (猛暑 Mōsho)

Atsusa (暑さ Atsusa)

Ainonai (愛のない Ainonai)
The Monsters from Hideri.


Princess Wonder (プリンセスワンダー Purinsesuwandā)/ Hiyaki Wonder(冷木ワンダー Hiyaki Wandā
Princess Wonder is the princess of Wonderland. She followed Wolf to earth to find the lost shards. She first appears in Episode 30. Her alias in human world is Hiyaki Wonder(冷木ワンダー Hiyaki Wandā.


  • Wonderland (ワンダーランド Wandārando) - Wolf's homeplace
  • Mizoreichi (霙市 Mizore-ichi) - the home town of the Girls.
  • Mizore First Middle School (霙第一中学 Moizore Dai ichi chūgaku) - the girl's school.
  • Hideri (日照り Hideri)


  • Silver Connecter (シルバーコネクタ Shirubā Konekuta) - the Girls transform item.
  • Heart Mirror (ハートミラー Hātomirā) - a items, which Wolf can use to contact his sister. It first appeared in episode 25.
  • Crystal Shard(クリスタルシャード Kurisutarushādo) - Crystal Shards are little Itmes, which the girls need to collect.
  • Collector (コレクター Korekutā) - the box, which has the Crystal Shards.
  • Crystal Swords(クリスタルソード Kurisutarusōdo) - the weapon, the girls receive after collecting 20 shards.


  • Winter Pretty Cure is very similar to Suite♪Pretty Cure