Personal Information
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceMiracle Land
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure Phoenix Prisms!
First AppearancePCPP01
Wonder (ワンダー Wandā) is a tiger cub-like mascot and loves playing around and can be a bit spoiled.


Wonder is a playful and spoiled baby tiger cub who loves entertaining the cures and other cures. He hates his name since it is a girl name and wants the change it to something else when he is older. He cares for Moon Beam like she is his mother and hates being alone.



Moon Beam - Moon Beam is like a mother to Wonder. He tells her everything and wonders what it is like to be an adult.

Aguri Kiseki - Aguri is Wonder's Pretty Cure partner. He gets along with her and is told by her that his name suits him.


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