Wii Party! Pretty Cure! is a series based on Wii Party, a game by Nintendo, and also the second series by Cure Believe related to Nintendo. Although there are 41 minigames, and that is too many, it will be shortened to 3 and later increases to 5.




Amaku Heiwa (甘く 平和 Amaku Heiwa?) is the 13 year old you will usually see eating almost anything! Most people consider Heiwa to be the "girl of food". Although this is true, she is very peaceful and does not like to rush it out. Her Cure ego is Cure Lucky, the Cure that represents Lucky Launch.

Hitori Dewa (ひとり では Hitori Dewa?) is the 15 year old artist. People usually look at Dewa's drawings and has even won awards herself, but she says this is the only thing she's amazing at. Her Cure ego is Cure Shift, the Cure that represents Shifty Gifts.

Sukoshi Kokoro (少し 心 Sukoshi Kokoro?) is the 14 year old of the books. Kokoro is always spotted by one of the other Cures reading a book instead of helping out, but her ways are later changed. Her Cure ego is Cure Jump, the Cure that represents Jumbo Jump.

Ketsuraku Kyoku (欠落 曲 Ketsuraku Kyoku?) is the 12 year old who is first shown to be strict. She befriended Heiwa and became nicer to others. She is called a "miracle child" because of her change. Her Cure ego is Cure Friendly, the Cure that represents Friendly Face-Off.

Cure Feather (キュアフェザー Kyua Fezā?) is a mysterious Cure that is often there to aid the others. It is currently unknown what her civilian form is.





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