This is a list of episodes for Wedding Pretty Cure!

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Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Anata wa watashi to kekkon suru? U~edingu Purikyua wa ima sutāto!
"Will you marry me? Wedding Pretty Cure starts now!"
Fight 2014-02-02
Maki and Tayori meet Kiss and Trust and protect them from Fight. They become the legendary duo, Pretty Cure and save Kiss and Trust from the hands of Fight's Splitter.
02 Masaka watashi wa watashi no teki to purikyua dearu koto nai yo! Wareware wa sudeni kaitai sa rete imasu ka?
"No way am I being Precure with my enemy! Are we breaking up already?"
Fight 2014-02-09
Maki and Tayori find out that they will be Pretty Cure together for a while. They tell Kiss and Trust that they don't want to be Pretty Cure and hand back their Engagement Ring. Kiss and Trust start wondering if they are breaking up before the battles really starts.
03 Watashi no okiniiri no aidoru wa machi ni kuru! Tayori okiniiri no aidoru o mamoru!
"My favourite idol comes to town! Tayori protect your favourite idol!"
Tayori's favourite idol comes to town. The idol is called Minako Tokoro. He gets teased by Maki. He gets pissed off and runs off to the concert, leaving behind his second ticket, that he was going to give to her. Maki finds it and goes to the concert. Tayori protects Minko as best as he can from the Splitter while waiting for Maki. Maki turns up and transforms with Tayori. They defeat the Splitter and find out that Minako saw them transform.
04 Pāfekuto kappuru? Tsukiakari no shita de suketchi.
"Perfect couple? Sketched under the moonlight."
Blow 2014-02-23
Starting from how episode ended, Minako says she saw them transfrom. She says she can draw and asks if she can draw them. Tayori says yes without asking Maki. Minako sketchs the two as Pretty Cure and tells them that they will make a perfect couple....
05 Chikku takku wa tokei o iku 〜 naze mina ga isoide iru?
"Tick tock goes the clock~ Why is everybody rushing?"
Fight and Blow come up with an idea of making clocks faster which will make people rush around and probably make a couple fight. Maki wakes up to hear her mother say she is late to work when her mum will be there two hour to early. Maki rings up Tayori to tell him about how her parents are rushing around like they are really late. Tayori says his parents and older sister and brother started rushing around like they were late ever since they bought a clock from the new store Time is Precious. Maki and Tayori decide to investigate Time is Precious.
06 Tsugi no tāgetto wa, ai no bōto ni nottemasu ka? Umi ni bōken de.
"Next target is on a love boat? Adventure out to sea."
Fight 2014-03-09
Maki overhears a man which turns out to be Fight selling tickets for a boat to lovers. Maki goes up and says she has a boyfriend and would like to have a ticket. She gets two tickets and goes straight to Tayori's. They talk for a while and end up agreeng that they go on the boat to see what Fight is up to but they have to act like they are in love. They board the ship with Kiss and Trust who disguise theirselves as stuffed toys and find out what Fight is up to.
07 Kekkon ōkoku de toraburu!
"Trouble at Marriage Kingdom!"
Damage 2014-03-16
08 Eri no keikaku. Tayori to Maki o issho ni Getto!
"Eri's plan. Get Tayori and Maki together!"
Damage 2014-03-23
Eri sees Maki and Tayori talking to each other in a friendly way to each other. Eri thinks since they aren't fighting as much, she decides to set them up on a date. But it doesn't work since Tayori gets called up to fill in for someone....
09 Kenkyū, kenkyū! Shiken ga chikadzuite!
"Study, Study! Exams coming up!"
Exams are coming up and Eri and Maki decide to help Tayori study. Maki tries everything she can but Tayori keeps dozing off or getting distracted.
10 Watashi wa sensei ni naritai! Shigoto Maki o mōshikomu!
"I want to be a teacher! Apply for a job Maki! "
Maki is playing on the piano when her mum asks if she wants to apply for a job. Maki decides to ask Eri and Tayori what jobs she can do that will her with becoming a teacher. But Tayori and Eri don'y have any ideas...
11 Mama wa, kanojo no kekkonshiki no arubamu o hakai suru? Kore wa dare ga yatte irudeshou ka?
"Mum destroys her wedding album? Who's doing is this?"
Damage 2014-04-13
12 Purikyua haibokumasu ka? Kingu Fauru ga tōjō!
"Pretty Cure defeated? King Foul appears! "
King Foul 2014-04-20
13 Sekaijū no serebu ga aru tame, kyōfū no tame chūshi sa rete iru?
"Celebrations around the world are cancelled because of strong winds?"
Blow 2014-04-27
14 Supuritto no atarashī menbā wa nanidesu ka? Korera futatsu wa jōdan suru tame ni motte iru!
"There is a new member of Split? Those two have got to be joking!"
15 Kisu· ando· Torasuto ga gakkō de shin'nyūseidesu! ?
"Kiss and Trust are the new students at school!?"
16 Kotoba 2014-05-18
17 Kotoba 2014-05-25
18 Kotoba 2014-06-01
19 Kotoba 2014-06-08
20 Kotoba
21 Blow 2014-06-22
22 King Foul
23 Damage 2014-07-06
24 Fight 2014-07-13
25 Fight 2014-07-20
26 Blow
27 Damage
28 Fight
29 Kotoba 2014-08-17
30 Kotoba 2014-08-24
31 Fight

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