Wave PreCure
U~ēbu purikyua
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunJanuary 24 2016
Opening SongLet's Splash! Wave PreCure!
Ending SongSplash Down (Ep 1-24)

Kokoro no Umi (Ep 25-47)

Series Info
PredecessorRoyal Princess PreCure
SuccessorFruity PreCure

Wave PreCure (ウェーブ プリキュア U~ēbu Purikyua )is the fourth PreCure to CureJade2910's series.


Wave PreCure Episodes

The Ocean Empire is busy preparing for the annual Ocean Sun however King Depths arrived and destroyed to the Ocean Empire. Queen Celestia sends Princess Oceania to find PreCure.



Aoihimawari Umi/Cure Mermaid

Umi is a young champion surfer and influences other women to start surfing. She isn't very good at swimming so she tries her best to not go underwater while surfing. She is addicted to eating pineapples outside and making large sand castles. She is Cure Mermaid and her theme colour is Pink.

Hikarikira Coral/Cure Bubble

Coral is a cheerful girl that has been with Umi for over three years. She has been trying to get Umi to go underwater and is a swimming champion. When she had first met Umi she actually frightened her after telling the entire class she was a swimming champion. She is Cure Bubble and her theme colour is Pale Blue.

Yumetaiyo Haruka/Cure Oyster

Haruka is a geeky person that seems to be fascinated by the ocean and mainly likes how the ocean has it's tides and waves. She can't swim or surf but likes to watch Umi and Coral do their talents. She is also frightened to swim as she is frightened of the depths of the water (whether it is the ocean or a pool). She is Cure Pearl and her theme colour is Vanilla White.



She is a small blue dolphin that can stay on land. She is like Candy (from Smile PreCure and can be forced to do anything when lured by fish.


King Depths

The main villain


The first villain to appear. She can used seaweed to attack her enemies.


The second villain to appear. He can use sticky salt to attack his enemies.


The monster used in the series.


Splash Commune

The transformation device of the Cures. To transform they say "PreCure Splash of Wonder!"

Aquatic Mirror

Used to perform the second attacks and to communicate with the Ocean Empire.

Lucky Shell Locket

A openable shell that keeps the Aquatic Mirror and is kept by Shell


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