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Tōjō! Wandārando o mamoru tame, purikyua!
Winter Pretty Cure episode 01
"The Appearance! Protect the Wonderland, Pretty Cure!"
Episode Guide
Opening Winter !Yatta! Pretty Cure!
Ending Falling snow!
Directed by FairySina
Written by FairySina

Tōjō! Wandārando o mamoru tame, purikyua! (登場!ワンダーランドを守るため、プリキュア! The Appearance! Protect the Wonderland, Pretty Cure!?) is the first episode of the fan series Winter Pretty Cure. In this episode, Wolf and Cure Snow-White escape from the Wonderland and try to find the lost 60 shards. This is the beginning of Kori's, Yuki's, Sara's and Emily's adventure as Pretty Cure.



Major Events

  • Winter Pretty Cure officially starts, replacing Every Power Pretty Cure!.
  • Cure Snow-White, Fuyuba Kori, Fuyuba Yuki, Wolf, Hideri and Princess Wonder make their first appearance.
  • Cure Snow-White saves the first Crystal Shard.
  • Kori and Yuki meet Wolf for the first time.
  • The Wonderland was shown for the first time.

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