'Ve'rtical Diamond Ring ( バーティックルダイヤモンドリング baatikkuru diayamondo ringu) is Cure Diamond's main purification attack in the fanseries Miracle Jewel Pretty Cure. Her attack is based off her jewel, the diamond.


Cure Diamond performs this attack by summoning her Diamond Spinner. Then, she spins the wheel on her weapon and lets it spin until it lights up. The light in the wheel spreads to the diamond tip.  While this happens,Cure Diamond recites the first part of the attack, then draws an oval with a diamond on the top. She then brings her Diamond Spinner back as if she were punching. With that she shouts the last part of the attack and sends her ring out. The monster is purified as the oval ring spins with the monster in the middle.



スピン、ダイヤモンドホイール! プリキュア! バーティックルダイヤモンドリング!


Supin, Diayamondohoiiru! Purikyua! Baatikkuru Diayamondo Ringu!


Spin, Diamond Wheel! Pretty Cure! Vertical Diamond Ring!


  • This attack was inspired by Cure Melody/Rhythm's Music Rondo.

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