Hoshi Utane
歌音 ほし
Utane Hoshi
Personal Information
Birthday DateDecember 15th
Hair ColorBlonde (Hoshi)

White (Cure Star)

Eye ColorBlue (Hoshi)

Light Blue (Cure Star)

Alter EgoCure Star
Glittery Star
Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
SeasonShining Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceShiPC17

Utane Hoshi (歌音 ほし Utane Hoshi?) is one of the main characters in Shining Pretty Cure! and a 13-year-old upcoming idol. She is a fashionable, stubborn girl and becomes the last member of the team. Though Hoshi is not very famous and has a carefree personality, she works hard to achive the fame and make the people happy with her songs. Her alter ego is Cure Star (キュアスター Kyua Sutā?).




Cure Star

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