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Utahime Pretty Cure!
Utahime Purikyua!
General Information
DirectorCure Lucky
NetworkTV Lucky
Original RunSeptember 3rd 2019
Opening SongKokoro de Utau! Pretty Cure
Ending SongPremier☆Wars (ep. 1-23)

Todoke! MY SONG (ep. 24-49)

Series Info
PredecessorPeppy Pretty Cure!
Utahime Pretty Cure! (ウタヒメプリキュア! Utahime Purikyua!?) is a Japanese magical girl anime and one of the Pretty Cure fan series created by Cure Lucky, being the sixth to her Third Generation. This season will begin airing on September 3rd, 2019, replacing Peppy Pretty Cure! in its initial timeslot. Its themes are Idols, Music, Fashion and Card Suits.



Pretty Cure

Kudou Mayu (工藤 真由 Kudou Mayu?)/ Cure Love (キュアラブ Kyua Rabu?)
Mayu is a 14 year old friendly, responsible and energetic girl who loves helping people around and singing, but has a strong stage fright. She can be stubborn at times and acts like a big-sister towards her childhood best friend Aya, as she thinks Aya isn't always able to do things right and often gets into troubles. Her alter ego is Cure Love who's theme color is pink, but she also can change into two alternate forms: the light pink Lovely Angel (ラブリーエンジェル Raburī Enjeru?) and  the red ???. She transforms along with Aya and is represented by hearts.

Ikeda Aya (池田 彩 Ikeda Aya?)/ Cure Luck (キュアラック Kyua Rakku?)
Aya is a 14 year old gentle and smart, yet childish girl and Mayu's childhood best friend who comes from a rich family. She is a bit spoiled and, also, can be resentful if she thinks Mayu is acting too bossy. Like Mayu, she loves singing and has a strong stage fight. Her alter ego is Cure Luck who's theme color is green, but she also can change into two alternate forms: the white Crowned Platinum (クラウンドプラチナ Kuraundo Purachina?) and the mint green ???. She transforms along with Mayu and is represented by clubs.

Miyamoto Kanako (宮本 佳那子 Miyamoto Kanako?)/ Cure Sharp (キュアシャープ Kyua Shāpu?)
Kanako is a 14 year old girl who seems to be quite a cheerful and peppy person, but hides her sad side. She is fascinated by the feeling of depression and dreams about sharing with people by singing about her real feelings. Her alter ego is Cure Sharp who's theme color is blue, but she also can change into two alternate forms: the purple Tricky Witch (ウィッチトリッキー Torikkī U~itchi?) and the indigo ???. She is represented by spades.

Gojo Mayumi (五條 真由美 Gojo Mayumi?)/ Cure Spotlight (キュアスポットライト Kyua Supottoraito?)
At first she appears as a mysterious Cure, but later reveales her true identity. Mayumi is a bright and girly 14 year old girl who is a famous idol and is also popular with girls in her school. Besides singing, she also excels in sports, despite of her girliness. Her alter ego is Cure Spotlight who's theme color is yellow, but she also can change into two alternate forms: the orange ??? and the magenta ???. She is represented by diamonds.






  • The Cures in Utahime Pretty Cure! have the same names as the real existing singers Gojo Mayumi, Miyamoto Kanako, Kudou Mayu and Ikeda Aya who sung some songs for the Pretty Cure series.
  • Utahime Pretty Cure! is the third series by Cyre Lucky which has Cures who are the same age(14). The first is Pretty Cure Mix!(12) and the second is GoTHiC Pretty Cure!(14).

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