Sky Pretty Cure will change?!

No, you are not dreaming; yes, I'm actually considering it.

But first things first; Nothing bad will happen to it!

Sky Pretty Cure will still be Sky Pretty Cure... just without the "Pretty Cure".

I've come with Sky so far, that I can hardly see anything the story has in common with the Franchise anymore. Why? Well... what still is there? The magical girl aspect that any Magical Girl anime - not just Pretty Cure and Sailor Moon - has. The combat fights; I thank Pretty Cure for inventing them in the gerne! But honestly, the new generation of fights are less of what I call combat, so well... count it was a half. And of course "Pretty Cure" in the title.

Now, that will be everything that's going to change! I will get rid of everything "Pretty Cure" in the series. That's all! The story will stay the same, the characters as well (however, the "Cure" in the alter egos will disappear).

But, there's the but; all of these changes will only be done at the Sky wiki, as this is the Fandom of Pretty Cure wiki and not the Fandom of FairySina's Minds wiki (that would be a crazy wiki). Here, Sky Pretty Cure will stay the same with Pretty Cure in it. I will also keep the name "Sky Pretty Cure" when working on crossovers with Pretty Cure seasons. I will try to update this wiki with the new informations too! All I have to think of, is to change the new title(s) to "(Beautiful/The Final/Beyond The) Sky Pretty Cure (~Rainbow Star~/RELOADED!/The Unofficial 5th Season/⭐Saga).

I will update this blog once I've decided how the name will be in the future.

Update: If you wonder, the Sky Pretty Cure wiki (name will stay) is currently a mess because I change every Link from "Sky Pretty Cure" to "Guardian Angels Of The Sky" (first season) and may have to create sub pages for already existing pages.

Anyhow, the newly selected name will be Magical Girls: Guardian Angels Of The Sky魔法少女:スカイの守護み使い」; Guardian Angels of the Stars (s2); Guardian Angels of the Sound (s3) and Guardian Angels of the Light (s4). The unofficial Season will probably be still called "Unofficial 5th season" xD

Edit: I changed from Tenkuu (天空) to Sukai (スカイ), because it is Sky after all xD

Thanks for reading and if you want, share your thoughts with me ~

Update June 2017: As some of you have noticed the Sky wiki is mostly done with changing to the new name. I need to thank User:Hickmanm and User:MoonlightRainbow for lending me a hand and renaming 47 episodes. *bows* Thank you very much *bows*

Further more, I finally managed to draw the new logos, which are not too different from the old "Sky Pretty Cure" logo. Have here the logo of the first season:

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