Yeah, the wiki drama just exploded and many users are leaving, but also many users joined this wiki. This time, the problem has become way too big to handle until our most active admin, Fairy-san, left.

Welcome to all new users here! I hope you'll have a great time sharing your ideas and giving opinions, feedbacks and compliments to others as well as obeying the rules. At least that's what we pretty much need right now. Some of you may notice that I haven't contribute for so long and keep saying on and off hiatus. Everyone's reason taking a hiatus pretty much the same, busy etc. So do I. I'm actually a 11th grader or 2nd grade of high school and currently aiming to be accepted in medical school in my country. Yeah, medical school is very hard, so I must study as hard as that. Plus, I'm sort of tired of my series (except majestic) since the idea seemed blurred in my head.

For now, I'm taking a long hiatus. Yeah, it sounds weird since I said that pretty often. I may check the wiki once or twice if I had time, but maybe only checking the blog posts or threads. Aside that, I will be completely gone from editing. To people who know and follow my series, I apologize that I won't be continuing any of it any time soon. Maybe in the future, but still very unclear. You may found me in other wikias or if you play Elsword, you may find me there. Just tell me your username XD. I guess that's it.

Huggies, Aisu~

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