This is a list of Unite! Pretty Cure! episodes.

Episode # Title Attack Villain Air Date
01 Nakimushi wa Senshi ni Nari? Sore mo Kanōdesu ka!?
"Crybaby Becomes a Warrior? Is it even possible!?"
??? Destroy 2021-06-04
14 year old Felicita Varisco gets attacked by a monster on her way to school, but was saved by Cure Germany. Later on, when it's lunch time, she meets a transfer student Luella Cruz. Felicita doesn't even know about that girl is the Pretty Cure who saved her and that Felicita also will become Cure Italy...
02 Nazedeshou ka? Tomodachi Naru Koto Subarashīdesu!
"Why Not? Becoming Friends is Great!"
??? Destroy 2021-06-11
03 Atarashī Mikata? Jiko Shōkai o Shite Kudasai... Choda Haku!
新しい味方?自己紹介をしてください... 周田 はく!
"A New Ally? Please to Introduce Myself... Choda Haku!"
??? Destroy 2021-06-18
04 Mori de Maigo ni!? Nai Hōhō!
"Lost in the Woods!? No Way!"
??? Destroy 2021-06-25
05 Sapuraizu Atakku! Raibaru... Soretomo Tomodachi?
"Surprise Attack! Rivals... Or Maybe Friends?"
??? Harm 2021-07-01
06 2021-07-08
07 2021-07-15
08 2021-07-22

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