Ueda Akio (上田 昭夫 Ueda Akio) is a secondary character who appears in Merry Christmas! Pretty Cure. He is the childhood friend of Ichinose Miyabi and is always there to help her. He becomes Dolores's slave from Episode 30 to Episode 32.


Akio has messy brown hair that he doesn't bother to brush sometimes. He has green eyes. His casual outfit consists of a blue sweater that says "Angry, Sad and Happy" with the word "Happy" circled, jeans and blue and white sneakers.
His summer outfit consists of a green short sleeved shirt with "I'm Awesome" written on the front, olive shorts and brown army boots with green laces.


Akio is a second year at Watanabe Middle School with Miyabi. He does everything for Miyabi, like buying her sweets and new books and is always there for her when she is upset. He loves it when Miyabi falls for his jokes and is stated by Ayase Sachiko, that he is the class clown of their class. He is never seen without a smile and is very sporty. He has a crush on Miyabi and doesn't know how to confess his feeling for her and has a lot of fighs with Miyabi.


When Akio had a fight with Miyabi, he runs off and bumps into Dolores who puts him under her spell. From then on, he becomes Dolores's subordinate who fights the girls and hurts Miyabi (Cure Merry) the most. He goes back to his normal self after two episodes(MCPC30 to MCPC32).


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