Twinkle Time! Pretty Cure
トィンクル タイム! プリキュア
toinkuru taimu! Purikyua
General Information
StudioToei animation
NetworkTV asahi
Original RunFebruary 6 2015
Opening SongLets Twinkle! Pretty Cure
Ending SongShining Time!
Series Info
SuccessorTwilight Dream! Pretty Cure
Twinkle Time! Pretty Cure (トィンクル タイム! プリキュア toinkuru taimu! Purikyua?) is a pretty cure fan series created by Emma-chi. The theme for the series is stars.


In Starlight Kingdom, Cure Clover gets defeated by an enemy called Jaaku. Cure Clover then is trapped in the great castle and Jaaku has taken her transformation item, and hid it in the human world. To release Cure Clover from the castle, legendary warriors, Twinkle Time! Pretty Cure must collect the Twinkle Beads, which give clues to where Cure Clover is.



Nakashi Reira (中四 レイラ nakashi reira)

Reira is a sporty girl who's worst weakness is homework. She always talks in class and gets into a lot of trouble a lot, but cares for others when help is needed. Her alter ego is Cure Beam. Her theme colours are pink and white.

Yuuki Makiro (勇気 マキロ yuuki makiro)

Makiro is a smart, intelligent girl and lots of people admire her. She has 6 little sisters. Her alter ego is Cure Ring. Her theme colour is purple.




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