Twinkle Kingdom (王国 を きらきら Ōkoku o Kirakira) is a kingdom that is featured in the season Jewel Star Pretty Cure and also the place where Ever, Stone, Glitter and Queen Starbright was born. The place was under Queen Starbright's control where peace and quiet had remained, but when the Legendary Items disappeared, panic had awaken and Dark Star is now controlling the kingdom, with Queen Starbright held prisoner in the dugeons.



Everyone in Twinkle Kingdom was very happy, so was Queen Starbright who loved wandering around the streets and letting her palace workers play around with the town people. The kingdom became a lot happier when the Legendary Items were in the safe hands of the queen.

Under Dark Star's Control

One day, the Dark Star commanders, Rara, Naka, Riri and Kenji, along with Dark Queen, invaded the kingdom with a lot of Kuroppoi's and made the town's people panic. While Queen Starbright and her knight's fought against the Kuroppoi, the Legendary Items, suddenly filckered and disappeared. After Twinkle Kingdom was defeated, the queen called her most loyal mascots, Ever, Stone and Glitter, to find the Pretty cure and train them to defeat Dark Star, but when Stone told her that the Legendary Items have gone missing, she changes the mission to find the Pretty Cure and find the Legendary Items before Dark Star does.


  • The Twinkle Kingdom is the first kingdom that had a queen who fights for her kingdom but was defeated really and is being held caputured in her very own dugeons.

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