Twinkle Heart! Miracle Jewel Pretty Cure is the opening of Miracle Jewel Pretty Cure. There is no second opening in the series, so this opening plays for every episode.


Translated Lyrics

Miracle! Jewel! Pretty! Cure!

Life is a jewel, a shining gemstone you polish with positives.

If you want to have a good day, just smile! Laugh! When you are positive, life is too!

I'm on my way to school and the sun is shining bright (Shiny, shiny!)

Even if I fall, I get right back up

Because a jewel like life is too short for giving up

So with the help of my friends, I slowly let the gem of my heart shine again! (Twinkle!)

So I can ensure the world will shine

If my friends are in a pickle

I reach out a hand, give theirs a pull,

and rub off the grime of sadness~

Make everyone's lives sparkle like amythysts! (Sparkle!)

Spread smiles throughout town!

It's the Precure way of doing things, the friend's journey to cheer!

Don't let anyone block that smile. Let no one make you frown. (Lift!)

Because a jewel polished with happiness is the most precious thing I know of!

Miracle! Jewel! Pretty! Cure!

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