Twin☆Star Precure! (ツイン☆スタープリキュア! Tsuin ☆ sutāpurikyua!) is a Japanese Fanmade Magical Girl Anime series created by Cure48. It will begin airing on February 1, 2016, replacing Rainbow Live Precure! in its initial timeslot.

Twin☆Star Precure!
Tsuin ☆ sutāpurikyua!
General Information
StudioTV 00
NetworkTV 00
Original RunFebruary 1, 2017 - January 28, 2018
Episodes50 episodes
Opening SongDay Of Dash sung By Konomi Suzuki
Ending SongKimi ga yume wo tsuretekita
Series Info
PredecessorRainbow Live Precure!
SuccessorSing! Pretty Cure!


The story when a Star and Moon what in danger, and a princess StarMoon sent two mascot named splash and Sunny to Human world for search two precure they are cure sun and cure moon, to save Star and Moon from Renai.


Pretty Cure

Yumeno Hoshi - she is one of main character of this fan series, she have a twin sister but no people believe that they are twins, because they are not joined at the hip. Hoshi like cute and gothic dress, she is the daughter of famous model. And she is a daugther of kolongmerat.

Yumeno Yayoi- she is one of main character of this fan series, she have a twin sister named Yumeno Hoshi, she is very feminine girl adn very afraid with dirty place, but she want to become cure moon because she can beside with Hoshi.

StarMoon Town

Splash- she is the main mascot of this series, she have a bestfriend named Sunny and she is Hoshi Cat like fairy mascot

Sunny- she is Splash bestfriend, and she is Yayoi Rabbit like fairy mascot.

Princess StarMoon- she is the princess of StarMoon Town.

Princess Garden

Princess Star- before the story begin she is a cure star before hoshi.

Princess Moon- before the story begin she is also a cure moon before Yayoi.


Ayame- she is the first enemy

Turn- he is the second enemy

Black- she is the third enemy

Jelly- a monster from Selfish

Renia- she is the princess of Selfish and she is a rival of princess StarMoon.


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