Twilight Dream! Pretty Cure
トワイライト ドリーム! プリキュア
towailaito dorīmu! Purikyua
General Information
StudioToei animation
NetworkTV asahi
Original RunJanuary 14 2015
Opening SongTwilight Galaxy!
Ending SongReach for the stars
Series Info
PredecessorTwinkle Time! Pretty Cure
SuccessorSing Stars! Pretty Cure

Twilight Dream! Pretty Cure (トワイライト ドリーム! プリキュア towailaito dorīmu! Purikyua) is the second pretty cure fan series created by Emma-chi. The show is set to air on January 14 2014. The theme for the show is galaxies and dreams.


Twilight Dream! Pretty Cure episodes

Dreaming Land was a wonderful place where all people's dreams come true. Until one stormy night, a poison called 'Arashi' (meaning storm in Japanese) created by an evil team called Bone, spread though the land. To free Dreaming Land, the one surviving mascot, Lala, is on a mission to find legendary warriors, Twilight Dream! Pretty Cure.



Nijikawa Aiko (虹川 愛子 Nijikawa Aiko)

Aiko is a lively girl in her second year of middle school. She loves to write stories and playing Tennis with her friends. Her alter ego is Cure Galaxy and her theme colours are pink and silver.

Orihime Nagare (織姫 流れ orihime nagare)

Nagare is a reliable girl who loves music. She is the same age as Aiko and has been best friends since year one. Her alter ego is Cure Comet and her theme colours are blue and silver.

Hikaru Kaya (光る カヤ hikaru kaya)

Kaya is a snobbish fashionista and a drama queen. She loves to be in charge of everything until Aiko tells her that this isn't helpful. It took a while, but she finally became a friendly, considerate girl and became a pretty cure. Her alter ego is Cure Starlight and her theme colours are yellow and silver.

Kagaya Grace (かがや グレース kagaya gurēsu)

Grace comes from Claifornia, America and she doesn't have the courage to become friends with the students in her class. Grace is only in year 4, and it turned out that she was a pretty cure since she was little. Grace comes later in the series. Her alter ego is Cure Sparkle and her theme colours are purple and silver.


Lala (ララ lala/rara)

Lala is the one surviving mascot since the poison, Arashi spread through Dreaming Land.



Transformation Items


  • Twilight Dream! Pretty Cure has similarities to Heartcatch Pretty Cure;
    • The cures have the same theme colours (Galaxy-Blossom, Marine-Comet, Sunshine-Starlight and Sparkle-Moonlight).
    • The cures appear in the same order.
    • The last cure (purple/silver cure) is a pretty cure before the others.
  • Twilight Dream! Pretty Cure is the third season to have only one mascot for the team and the first season created by Emma-chi.

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