Turbo Pretty Cure! (ターボプリキュア! Tābo PuriKyua!?) is starmix03's 11th fanseries. The theme is about racing and cars. This series is preceded by Spy Pretty Cure! and later replaced with Solitaire Pretty Cure.



Pretty Cures

Kyūsoku Haruka/Cure Racer (急速 はるか/キュアレーサー Kyūsoku Haruka/Kyua Rēsā?)
Haruka is a fan of racing and she is the fastest girl in class. She is always 1st place in running races and she can run 10 km mph. Her dad is a racer and Haruka wants to be like him. Haruka is average at her studies. Her alter ego is Cure Racer (キュアレーサー Kyua Rēsā?).

Hayai Eiyu/Cure Speedy (速い 英雄/キュアスピーディー Hayai Eiyu/Kyua Supīdī?)
Eiyu is Haruka's bestest friend, they are both fans of racing. She is a shy and lonely girl. Before Haruka met her, Eiyu's old school was full of bullies. The bullies really love to bully her, but Eiyu fought the bullies until they got a deep wound, much like Yotsuba Alice. She is very smart and she always get perfect scores. Her alter ego is Cure Speedy (キュアスピーディ Kyua Supīdī?)

Anastasia Jackson/Cure Engine (アナスタシア·ジャクソン/キュアエンジン Anasutashia Jakuson/Kyua Enjin?)
Anastasia is a transfer student from America. She doesn't really know how to speak Japanese. Luckily, Haruka does. She communicates with Haruka in English everyday. Soon, she knows how to speak Japanese. Her parents moved to Japan because her mom's company moved there. Her alter ego is Cure Engine (キュアエンジン Kyua Enjin?)

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