Tsukiyomi Nikora is one of the Cure in Sparkle! Diamond PreCure. Her alter ego is Cure Topaz.

Tsukiyomi Nikora
2014 - 1 (8)
Tsukiyomi Nikora
Personal Information
Hair ColorBrown (Nikora) Dark Blue (Cure Topaz)
Eye ColorLight Blue (Nikora) Blue (Cure Topaz)
Home PlaceKongouseki Town
RelativesTsukiyomi Nanami (twin sister) Tsukiyomi Henkoi (mother) Tsukiyomi Tsubasa (Aunt)
Alter EgoCure
Theme ColorAqua
Anime Information
SeasonSparkle! Diamond PreCure
First AppearanceSDPC01


Nikora is usually calm unlike her twin sister Nanami. She used to be a little jealous of Nanami's singing career. She is frightned of mice and often tries to take Nanami away from her weakness (which is salmon, Also Penny's weakness). She is timid and confident at the same moment.


The Destruction of the Diamond Land

Not much is known about Nikora while she was in the Diamond Land. Everything was fine in the Diamond Land. Nikora was known as Queen Topaz and was ruler of the south of the land.

The land is then handled by Sparkling Aura who unfortunately had to separate from her sister Flaming Aura(who had to guard the gate). Sparkling Aura was unable to control the land and the land was destroyed causing her to send the Diamond Souls of the Queens and Princess down to Earth.

Living on Earth

Queen Topaz was now reborn into a human being known as Tsukiyomi Miranda Nikora. Nikora had no memories of the Diamond Land and lived with her twin sister Tsukiyomi Melissa Nikora (who was Queen Jade, also her twin sister) and her mother,Tsukiyomi Destiny Henkoi (Duchess Azurite). By the time she was thirteen she and her sister became famous idols. Nikora became a famous actress and took the alias Tsukino Nikora to hide her true name.

Becoming PreCure

The twins moved to Kongouseki Town and were starting their first day at Kongouseki Academy.


Nikora's career is a actress. She started this career when she was thirteen , the same age that Nanami started become an singer. As a actress her name is known as Tsukino Nikora.


As Nikora she has light blue eyes and brown mid length hair that is let down with a bun on her side of her head. She wears a dark blue t-shirt with aqua topaz cardigan along with navy blue legging and navy blue heels.

Her second outfit is a the same blue cardigan clipped with a bow pin. She now wears a long blue top with black leggings underneath. She wears brown boots with bits of fur.

As Cure Topaz she has dark blue hair that is put in two buns and a small decoration on her forehead. She wears a pearl necklace with a aqua pendant along with blue earrings. She wears a aqua sailor collar with a pale blue dress with her Cure Shiny on a blue bow. She wears aqua ribbon heels.

Cure Topaz

The diamond with the shine of truth, Cure Topaz!

Cure Topaz is the alter ego of Nikora. Her powers are based on wind. Her theme colour is aqua.

Princess Topaz

Miracle Topaz

Queen Topaz




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