Tsukioka Kei
Tsukioka Kei
Personal Information
Age14 (FwAPC)

15 (FwAPCDH)

Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceTsukikage town
Alter EgoCure Trust
Theme ColorBlue and brown
Anime Information
SeasonFutari wa Aino Pretty Cure!

Futari wa Aino Pretty Cure Double Heart!

First AppearanceFwAPC01
 Tsukioka Kei is one of cures from Futari wa Aino Pretty Cure! and Futari wa Aino Pretty Cure Double Heart!


Kei is very good at sports and studying. He knows that Sakura is competiting with him but he doesn't mind. Even though he is very popoular with girls he doesn't look like he is interested in them.


Before series started

At beginning of series

Cure Trust


Mai Sakura - Kei met Sakura when they were very young and they were always arguing but actually they love each other.


  • Kei is first male Pretty Cure (if counting only canon and MoonlightRainbow's series)

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