Tsukino Yumeko
Yumeko Feeling
Tsukino Yumeko
Personal Information
Hair ColorPink (Yumeko)

Dark Pink (Cure Feeling)

Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceHikari Town
RelativesTsukino Erika (mother)

Tsukino Kai (father)

Alter EgoCure Feeling
Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
Season5 Lights Pretty Cure!

Let's Go! 5 Lights Pretty Cure!

First Appearance5LPC!01
 Tsukikno Yumeko is lead cure from 5 Lights Pretty Cure! and Let's Go! 5 Lights Pretty Cure!  Her alter ego is Cure Feeling.


Yumeko doesn't have any special talents, but is always in good mood. She never give up. She loves sweet things.


Coming soon...

Cure Feeling

Kibou no kokoro, Kyua Firingu!

More coming soon...


Akamura Keiko - Yumeko and Keiko are childhood friends and Keiko often think of Yumeko as one of her younger sister.

Kiraki Ringo - Yumeko met Ringo one day when she was walking from school with Keiko and Rena and they became very good friends.

Era - Yumeko ran into Era one day when she was walking to school. She decided that she will do everything to help him revive Kingdom of Light. They also seem to like each othe more in love way.

Bella - Bella and Yumeko are friends but they are also often arguing because Bella saw her as rival to get Era.



  • Yumeko is similiar to Yumehara Nozomi
    • They both doesn't have any special talents.
    • They are both bad at studying.
    • In Pretty Cure form they both have power of hope.
    • They never give up.
    • Relationships and way how Yumeko met Era is similiar to Nozomi and Coco.
    • Relationship beetwen Yumeko and Keiko is similiar to relationship beetwen Nozomi and Rin.
    • Relationship beetween Yumeko and Bella is also a bit similiar to Nozomi and Milk but not as much as other two.
  • Yumeko shares surname with Tsukino Usagi from Sailor Moon.

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