Tsukikawa Lily
Tsukikawa Rirī
Personal Information
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceLight Town
RelativesTsukikawa Hinata (older sister)

Tsukikawa Maria (twin sister) Tsukikawa Kaoru (older brother) Tsukikawa Itsuki (younger brother) Tsukikawa Kasumi (younger sister) Tsukikawa Rikka (mother) Tsukikawa Daichi (father)

Anime Information
SeasonHikari Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceHPC!04
 Tsukikawa Lily is one of characters from Hikari Pretty Cure! She is one of Tsukikawa Hinata's younger sisters.


Lily and her twin sister Maria both like to joke. Sometimes they both want to be like their older sister Hinata.


Coming soon.


Lily get along very well with her twin sister Maria and they are almost always together. She admire her older sisrer Hinata and love to spend time with older brother Kaoru and also get along well with her younger sister Kasumi and younger brother Itsuki.


  • At begining Lily and Maria were meant to be older than Kaoru.

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