Tsukikawa Hinata
Tsukikawa Hinata
Personal Information
Hair ColorDark Green (Hinata)

Light Green (Cure Air)

Eye ColorGreen
Home PlaceLight Town
RelativesTsukikawa Rikka (mother)

Tsukikawa Daichi (father) Tsukikawa Lily (younger sister) Tsukikawa Maria (younger sister) Tsukikawa Kaoru (younger brother) Tsukikawa Itsuki (younger brother) Tsukikawa Kasumi (younger sister)

Alter EgoCure Air
Theme ColorGreen
Anime Information
SeasonHikari Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceHPC!01
 Tsukikawa Hinata is one of cures from Hikari Pretty Cure! Her alter ego is Cure Air.


Hinata is energeticg girl. She loves sports and is in girls basketball team of Light Academy like Akemi. She like to help people if they ask her for help and always protect weaker. She have 5 younger siblings and care a lot for them.


Coming soon...

Cure Air

Coming soon...


Akiyama Akemi - Akemi is Hinata's best friends and rival. They met when they were 5 years old.

Akiyama Lily, Maria, Kaoru, Itsuki and Kasumi - Hinata's younger siblings. She cares for them a lot.


  • Hinata is a bit similiar to Midorikawa Nao
    • They are both great at sports.
    • They are both the oldest from a lot of siblings (Nao seven and Hinata six)
    • Hinata's relationships with Akemi is a bit similiar as Nao's with Akane.
    • They both appear in first episode of their seasons and became pretty cure in fourth.

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