Tsukikage Momoko

Tsukikage Momoko is one of cures from fanmade series Element Pretty Cure


Momoko is great at sports and studying. She rearly smile and is usually quiet and closed in her self. She came from Element Kingdom. At the begining she didn't like other girl but latter, she was able to became happier because of them.


Momoko has got violet hair and eyes.


Chan - Chan was always with her. They left element kingdom together and was with her from begining. They are very good friends.

Arite Rei - At the begining she didn't like her very much but latter she heard her singing and she had a feeling that she is singing from heart. She became intersted in her and latter they became great friends, thanks to her and others, she was able to forget about her worries about Element Kingdom easier. 

Tsukino Kasumi - At the begining Momoko didn't want to talk with anyone from the group but Kasumi was the first one that she spoke too. Latter they became good friends.

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