Trust Pretty Cure! is one of CureHotaru's fanseries on this wiki. It's main themes are how to friendship and trust. 

Trust Pretty Cure!
Trust Purikyua!
General Information
Opening SongOne, two, three, Trust Pretty Cure!
Ending Song???
Series Info
PredecessorLove 5 Pretty Cure!


Heart Island was very peaceful place. In the castle there were important crystals that holds balance of friendship and trust but Lonely Land's people wanted to stole crystals so people won't trust each other anymore and no one will have friends. Queen sent five crystals to earth. She also ask mascots to go search for crystal and legendary warriors Pretty Cure.


Pretty Cure

Kato AyakaAyaka is cheerful 14 years old girl. She makes friends very fast. Someone said once, that people can't help but like her. Ayaka loves anime very much. Her alter ego is Cure Smile.

Kita Aimi Aimi is 14 years old girl and Ayaka's best friend. She great at studying and loves reading books and manga. She doesn't like anime very much because she think it usually change manga's story to much. Her alter ego is Cure Help.

Hayashi Aiko - Aiko is 14 years old girl. She was afraid to trust people because she was betrayed by her friends a lot but when she became friends with Ayaka and Aimi she started to trust some people again. Her alter ego is Cure Chance. 

There is going to be more pretty cure later in series.


Cherry Ayaka's mascot partner.

Daisy - Aimi's mascot partner.

RoseAiko's mascot partner.

Lonely land

Forgot - Forgot is first villain that appear.

Alone - Second villain that appear.

Mara - Third villain that appear and only girl in group for long time until Change appear.

Change She appeared later in series and is more powerful than other three. 

Cantdoit - Cantdoit's are monsters of the series. If you look at the name closer it's Can't do it.

King Self - Main villain of the series.