Trump Pretty Cure! (トランププリキュア! Toranpu PuriKyua!?) is starmix03's 12th fan series, and her first spin-off. This is the spin-off for Doki Doki! Pretty Cure. This show reveals the past of Cure Sword. The series' motif is card suits and royalty.


Years before Cure Sword went to Earth, there were many warriors before Sword became one. They all retired; but luckily, Cure Ace managed to bring back their powers and Trump Pretty Cure was reborn...


Pretty Cures

Kenzaki Makoto/Cure Sword (剣崎 真琴/キュアソード Kenzaki Makoto/Kyua Sōdo?)
Cure Sword is her real name. She is the leader of the group. Makoto is very responsible and she is Trump Kingdom's current warrior. The past warriors retire but luckily, Cure Ace manages to give back the powers and the past warriors can become Pretty Cures again. Her theme color is purple and she represents the spade.

Cure Ace (キュアエース Kyua Ēsu?)
The Cure that gives back the powers to the past warriors. She is friends with Sword. Her theme color is red.

Hoshikawa Uranai/Cure Royal (星川 占い/キュアロイヤル Hoshikawa Uranai/Kyua Roiyaru?)
The mysterious fighter and the royal guard of Princess Marie-Ange. Like Makoto, Uranai is also a good singer. She is the fortune teller of Trump Kingdom. Her theme color is pink and white and she represents the heart.

Yumehishi Dia/Cure Klondike (夢菱 ダイヤ/キュアクロンダイク Yumehishi Daiya/Kyua Kurondaiku?)
Dia is the smartest member among all. She is a genius in tactics. She, along with Sword, Royal, and Rosy, the four warriors are the guards of the kingdom. Her theme color is blue and and silver. She represents the diamond.

Tenshi Clover/Cure Rosy (天使 クローバー/キュアロージー Tenshi Kurōbā/Kyua Rōjī?)
Clover is the most quiet warrior. She is best friends with Sword, Royal, and Klondike. She first didn't knew who was Cure Ace and now she is currently friends with her. Her theme color is yellow and green. She represents the club.

Jokette/Lucky Joker (ジョーケット/ラッキージョーカー Jōketto/Rakkī Jōkā?)
Jokette used to be a villain who is in King Jikochuu's side. She wants to destroy the Pretty Cures. But in episode 21, Jokette battle Sword (much like Fresh Pretty Cure Episode 23) and Sword realizes that Jokette used to be a warrior of Trump Kingdom too with the name of "Lucky Joker". She turned good and joined the team. Her theme color is magenta and black and she represents the joker card.


Davi (ダビイー Dabī?)
Cure Sword's partner.

Chalice (カリス Karisu?)
Cure Royal's partner.

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