The lovely red heart is here!(Sono suteki no kokoro korede!)is the first episode of Rainbow Heart Pretty Cure!In this episode,the first cure is born!


Queen Colouria and Dawn is running away from the evil Queen Greya.Greya shoots a 'shadow ball' and traps Queen Colouria inside.The queen givesDawn the Rainbow Stones,and told her to search for the 'Pretty Cure' on earth.Dawn uses the Rainbow Stones to teleport to earth.

Meanwhile,Akane Aida is taking a walk around her neighborhood on a sunny sunday.She sees some kids beating up a black wolf. Aida get rid of the kids. After the kids were gone, the wolf stands up and writes on the ground, and leaves. Seeing the wolf have written perfect kanji which says:'Thank you,legendary warrior' , she thinks she was halucinating because of hunger.She goes back home and eat some of her mom's sushi and onigiri as lunch.She changes her clothes into her civillian one(she was wearing sports clothes), and goes to meet Aokawa Izumi at the park.

At the park, she sees Izumi waiting at the Colour Tree.Kuroi is hiding in the shadows, and sees Izumi's Colour Heart is fading. He takes it and creates a flower Colourless.The Colourless uses it's attack to freeze everyone around it.

Suddenly,Dawn falls and bumps Aida's face.Because she brings the Rainbow Stones,Aida un-froze.One of the rainbow stones glows,and turned into a Rainbow Palette.Dawn quickly explains the situation,and Aida transforms into Cure Love.

After transforming, Cure Love charged at the Colourless without thinking.The Colourless shouted that she does not want to be alone,since Izumi's parents were always going on trips because they're doctors.Cure Love reminded the Colourless that she still has friends.After the Colourless is weaked, Dawn told Cure Love to perform the Love Tornado.The Colourless was purified,and Kuroi left.Cure Love takes Izumi's heart,and asks Dawn lots of questions,such as how to turned back,where is she from,etc.

After she turned back to normal,Aida explained everything to Izumi, and they both walk home.On the way home,they found Dusk,Dawn's sister,and Aida takes them both home


-Akane Aida

-Aokawa Izumi


-Queen Colouria





Major Events

-Cure Love's first transformation

-Queen Colouria is trapped by Greya

-The first Colourless created by Kuroi

-Dawn runs away to earth

-Dusk is shown for the first time.

Next Episode Preview

Aida:Yay!!I can help more people with this 'Pretty Cure' thing!

Izumi:Typical Aida-chan....Hinata, why didn't you show up at the park yesterday?

Hinata:Some punk challanged me to a soccer match, one on one. That idiot runs crying home.

Dusk:Hey, Aida-chan!Forgot to tell you that these two friends of yours are also Pretty Cure!


Hinata:........Well, i guess that way i can beat up monsters....

Next time on,Rainbow Heart Pretty Cure!:

She is the energetic orange flame!

See you next time!

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