Takayama Public Middle School (高山公共ミドルスクール Takayama Kōkyō Midoru Sukūru) is the school, which many characters from Jewel Star Pretty Cure attend.


The school has classrooms for students to learn in, a music room, a library, an art studio and a oval out at the back of the school. There is also a garden out in the front.


Female Uniform

Winter Uniform

The uniform is made into a one piece dress. It's main theme is white with green trim here and there. It has a necktie that is green and has a red ribbon in the middle. It's sleeves have a white colour, along with the white socks and the black shoes.

Summer Uniform

The uniform is the same as the winter dress but has short sleeves.


  • This is the second school that has uniform that doesn't really change in design between the summer and winter designs. The first is Smile Pretty Cure.

Notable Students

Notable Staff

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