Usagi Tachibana
橘 うさぎ
Tachibana Usagi
Personal Information
Birthday DateMarch 3
Hair ColorDarkish orange(Usagi)

Blonde(Cure Bubble)

Eye ColorBlue(Usagi)

Turquoise(Cure Bubble)

Alter EgoCure Bubble
Theme ColorCyan
Anime Information
SeasonAngel Tale Pretty Cure
First AppearanceATPC01

Tachibana Usagi (橘 うさぎ Tachibana Usagi, known as Bunny Oranger in the English dub) is one of the Cures in Angel Tale Pretty Cure. She is Mayu Ringo's classmate and best friend who is a 14 year old arrogant and rich transferred student in Sunny Smile Middle School. She helped Ringo in many ways and became her best friend. As Cure Bubble (キュアバブル Kyua Baburu) she represents the Water Reflection of Hope, and her theme colour is cyan.


Usagi is arrogant and rich girl who's hobby is reading books, so she is shown with a book in her hands many times. Despite of being mean and spoiled she is a nice and reliable person with a strong heart. Having a great imagination Usagi writes books and aimes to become a famous writer when she grows up.


Becoming Cure Bubble

Cure Bubble

"Saint drop of hope, Cure Bubble!"


"'' Kibō no sandoroppu, Kyua Baburu!" 

Cure Bubble (キュアバブル Kyua Baburu) is Usagi's alter ego. She has a power of soap water and represents the Water Reflection of Hope.



  • Holy Pact  (ホリー パクト Horii Pakuto) is Cure Bubble's transformation device.

Character Songs

Usagi's voice actress, Riho Iida, who is known for voicing Hoshizora Rin from Love Live! and many other anime characters, has performed in several songs for the character she voices.







Tachibana Michelle's look.

  • Usagi looks a lot like Michelle Tachibana, a secondary character in Aikatsu! who also has the same last name.
  • Usagi is the only Blue Cure to have orange hair.
  • Cure Bubble is the second Blue Cure to represent hope. The first is Cure Berry.
  • In the Enlish dub Usagi has the same first name as Bunny Gekkono from Sailor Suit Pretty Cure.
  • Usagi shares some similarities with Minazuki Karen from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and its sequel GoGo!:
    • Both have blue as their theme colors.
    • Both are rich.
    • Both can control the element of water.
    • Usagi's relationships with Pikarin are similar to Karen's with Milk/ Kurumi.
  • Usagi's hair turns blonde when she is Cure Bubble, making her a bit similar to Bubbles Utonium from Powerpuff Girls and to Gotokuji Miyako (also known as Rolling Bubbles) from Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z, who are also the blond-haired blue-themed members of their teams.