Kyua Suta No Chikara!
Two Life Precure! episode 01
"The Power Of Cure Star!"
Air date October 20 , 2013
Episode Guide
Opening Boy Meets Girl
Ending You May Dream
Directed by BellRose~
Written by BellRose~

This is the first episode of Two Life Precure!


One sunny day in the aurora land are holding a party to enliven the queen's birthday, Yukino. but the party was destroyed by the act of an evil boy named Zeref. he was throwing Prism Stone that is collected, which can spread happiness to the world. now makes people sad and dark.

Yukino was told Cure Star with her partner Starn to seek the Prism Stone is said to be in a city that is Prism Town. because Yukino doubt Cure Star is not going to work and he did not want to lose a friend again after Amamiya Kaname aka Cure Queen disappeared. Queen Yukino also sent 3 mascot named Femini, Poppu, and Rocky to find 3 cure and save the world again.

there exists a Prism town in search of new models at the new agency called Dream Agency (DA). there exists a young girl named Sora Kazesawa also sign up to be a model at Dream agency, but amid their selection was attacked by a monster named June. sema participant selection was out of the room to escape, Sora was try to escape but she was stuck! Finally there came a girl named Cure star who save Sora from June.

when sora want to say thank you, Cure Star disappeared. Sora also says "I hope to see him again". At the final selection Soea was accepted as a model in Dream Agency.

Location Appear

  • Aurora Land
  • Prism Town
  • Kazesawa Mansion
  • Rainbow Academy
  • Dream Agency

Character Appear


  • Sora become a new model
  • Sora meet Cure Star


  • makeup June (from a girl want to be a top model like Maria)