Switch Pretty Cure ϟ Neo!(スイッチプリキュアϟネオ!Suitchi Purikyua ϟ Neo!) is the direct sequel to Switch Pretty Cure ϟ  . It takes place a year after the Switch Pretty Cure's final battle with Chaos. It wil premiere on Feburary 2017, replacing Switch Pretty Cure ϟ in its' inital timeslot.


A year after the Switch Pretty Cures battled and defeated Chaos. The Cures have returned to their regular lives. Ikari, Uki and Nami have graduated from Inazuma Middle School and have become 1st-years at Haru Public High School, while Akiko has become a 3rd-year and the president of the school. But when Princess Leila Fujishino, the past Cure Leaf is preparing for her sucession to the throne of Earth Kingdom a new group of villians vow to prevent it and to revive Chaos. She calls on the four to become Pretty Cure again to defeat a new enemy:Black Crown. The Cures brace for new challenges, new powers and new allies!



Akiko Inazuma/Cure Spark- The energentic daughter of the Chairman at Inazuma Middle School and the recently- elected Student Council President.

Ikari Akahana/ Cure Ember- A 1st-year at Haru Public High School and the star pupil of her father's martial arts dojo, Hiro Martial Arts Academy.

Leila Fujishino/Cure Gaia /Princess Leila- The long-lost daughter of Queen Gaia, ruler of Earth Kingdom and the princess. She is a 3rd-year at Inazuma Middle School and Akiko's best friend.

Uki Kazemoto/ Cure Breeze- A famous idol from the group "Kaze" and a 1st-year at Haru Public High School.

Nami Izumi/ Cure Splash- The serious and quiet member of the team and a 1st-year at Haru Public High School. She is the captain of the school's swim team.

Kohana Matsumori/Cure Nature- A 2nd-year at Inazuma Middle School and the most " invisible" member of the team.






Daichi Izumi/Shade Zero-

Earth Kingdom:

Queen Gaia-

Enemies(Black Crown):

Dark Royalé-


Dark Element-

  • Biri-
  • Plish-
  • Wither-
  • Carbon-
  • Freeze-

Yami Kuronaga/Cure Chaos-


Switch Pen- The Cures' transformation device.

Gaia Module- Leila's transformation device.

Element Drops- Keys the Cures have to collect to unlock their ultimate powers.


Hana Town- The town where the Cures live.

Inazuma Middle School- Akiko, Leila and Kohana's school.

Haru Public High School- Ikari, Uki and Nami's school.

Nature Fujishino- A flower/nature shop owned by Leila's parents.


I do not own Pretty Cure. The series and the stuff within belongs to Toei Animation. The rights also belong to Toei Animation.

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