Suzukawa Akira
Suzukawa Akira
Personal Information
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown
Home PlaceLight Town
Anime Information
SeasonHikari Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceHPC!01
Akira is quiet girl and Haruka, Akemi, Hinata and Chou's classmate from Hikari Pretty Cure! She transferred to Light Academy two weeks before Haruka. In the middle of series it was revealed that she is Cure Light.


Meeting Haruka

Haruka trying to become her friend.


Akira is very mysterious quiet girl who doesn't look like she want to be friends with anyone, but Haruka still tries to become her friend and Akira later warms up and become her friend and also tells others that she is Cure Light and Princess


Kitagawa Haruka - Akira doesn't look like she want any friends, but Haruka is still trying to become her friend. Later Akira warm up and became her friend too...


  • Akira is a bit similiar to Kenzaki Makoto, because they are both cures that appeared in first episode but told their identity to others later, but Akira did it much later than Makoto.
  • Akira is also similiar to Shirabe Ako, because they are both actually princesses from other world and appear long time before they reveal their identity.

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