Super Hero All Stars: The Epic Adventure☆Protect the World! Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack for the first Super Hero All Stars Movie. It is released 2 days before the release date, which is 18 July 2013.


Track# Name
1 Hero Park~Prologue
2 Super Hero, Let's Go!! (Movie Size)
3 Suspicious Newcomers
4 Incoming Chaos
5 Now, It's Showtime!
6 Brave In!
7 Pretty Cure Love Link!
8 The Return
9 Gallantly! The Pretty Cures Show Up
10 The Epic Battle
11 Stolen Hope
12 Lunch Break
13 A Pleasant Adventure
14 The Suspicious Suspect
15 The Next Morning
16 A Mystery
17 Trump Kingdom
18 The Crazy Chaos
19 Climax
20 Shadow Demon's Theme
21 Henshin, Super Hero All Stars!
22 Music Rondo Final Wave!
23 Super Force Explosion!
24 Revenge on The Almighty
25 Switch On! Hero Thunder Light!
26 116 Powers, 1 Epic Battle
27 World Revived
28 Cure Rider Sentai Medley ~The Miraculous Adventure~ (Movie Size)
29 The Epic Adventure~Epilogue


Most of the tracks I got is from some Pretty Cure OSTs (And probably might take some from some Kamen Rider OSTs) (Fresh - Doki Doki!, and DX 3). I did NOT steal them and all those songs belong to Toei and Naoki Sato, Takanashi Yasuharu, and Hiroshi Takaki, the composers of the OSTs. 

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