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These are the ending themes for Super Hero All Stars: Bonus Stories


  • ♯Kaizoku Rainbow♯(Episodes 2, 5, 13)
  • Kaizoku Rainbow (SPECIAL Version) (Episodes SPECIAL 1 and 2)
  • Pretty Cure, Smile Getter (Episode 10)
  • Gokaiger no Yay! Yay! Yay! (Episode 16)
  • Shinken Paradise! (Episode 8)
  • Kizuna~Smile Precure! (Episodes 1 and 17)
  • Angel Song ~Tenshi no Uta~ (Episode 12)
  • Kono Kaizoku Sora no Mukou (Episode 11)
  • Murimuri!? Doki Doki!! IN Janai!? (Episode 15)
  • Tobikkiri! Songbird (Episode 14)
  • Moon ~Gekkou~ Attack (Space Trip Remix) (Episode 18)
  • Empire State of Mind (Makopi Version) (Episode 4)
  • Gokai Paradise! (Episode 10)
  • Take it A Try (Makopi Version) (Episode 9)
  • Super Hero Daishuugou (Episode 19 and 20)

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