Super Hero All Stars: Bonus Stories are OVAs related to Super Hero All Stars: The Epic Adventure☆Protect the World! air right after Doki Doki! Pretty Cure. The first episode airs on July 21 2013. They take 10-20 minutes long. Or some can be longer.


Super Hero All Stars: Bonus Stories Season 2

The sequel to SHAS:BS with some more episodes! Coming Soon after all stories have been published.


  • Bonus 1: Yayoi VS Mai: Who is The Best Artist?
  • Bonus 2: Akane VS Saki: Who is The Best Cook?
  • Bonus 3: Genta and Gai: Clearly Matched Through Gold and Silver
  • Bonus 4: Akane and Nobuharu: Project Comedy 2.0!?
  • Bonus 5: Kanade and Marvelous: Show me The Way! I Want To Be A Pirate!
  • Bonus 6: Daigo and Mana: Time Traveling! Where Shall We Go?
  • Bonus 7: Rikka and Ian: Research on Galaxies
  • Bonus 8: Shotaro and Inori: Working in The Vet
  • Bonus SPECIAL: Epic Game Party! (A Doki Doki!/Wizard/Kyoryuger Special Episode)
  • Bonus 9: Miki and Erika: Fashion Show! Let us Join!
  • Bonus 10: Mana and Urara: I Can't Sing! Please teach me!
  • Bonus 11: Aguri and Utchi: Golden Ace
  • Bonus 12: Amy and Alice: Fighter Madame
  • Bonus 13: Setsuna VS Ellen: Wicked Showdown!
  • Bonus 14: Yuri and Ako: From Oldest to Youngest
  • Bonus 15: Nagisa VS Saki: Contest of Everythng!
  • Bonus 16: Nao and Hiromu: Test Your Fears!
  • Bonus 17: Tsubomi and Mana: Leaders of Smartypants!?
  • Bonus 18: Rin and Akane: Fire Warriors
  • Bonus 19: Karen and Erika: Water Warriors
  • Bonus 20: Reika and Mana: Let's Team Up! Student Council Presidents Unite!
  • Bonus 21: Mana and Gentaro: 40 Ways to Love Somebody
  • Bonus 22: Love and Haruto: Who Wants Some Donuts?
  • Bonus 23: Nao VS Haruto: Play Ball! Soccer Battle!
  • Bonus SPECIAL 2: Test of Bravery (A HeartCatch/W/Goseiger Special Episode)
  • Bonus SPECIAL 3: Smile Fourze Go-Busters (A Smile/Go-Busters/Fourze Special Episode)
  • Bonus 24: Mana and Tsukasa: Leaders of The Decade
  • Bonus 25: Love and Takeru: 6-Leaf Clover
  • Bonus 26: Miyuki and Komachi: Extreme Book Fanatics
  • Bonus 27: Akane and Itsuki: Warriors of the Sun
  • Bonus 28: Nao and Komachi: Green Cures
  • Bonus 29: Mana and Rikka: Tokimeki★Adventure
  • Bonus 30: Akane and Saki: Sunny Sunny Jump♡
  • Bonus 31: Alice and Itsuki: Lovers.... And FIGHTERS!?
  • Bonus 32: Ellen and Joe: Rock On! Let's Form a Band!
  • Bonus 33: Hibiki and Alice: Piano Concerto
  • Bonus 34: Tsubomi and Alata: Adventures in the Celestial Sky
  • Bonus 35: (SPECIAL): Celebrate the Decade! (A Doki Doki!/Decade/Gokaiger Special Episode)
  • Bonus 36: Philip VS Philip!?: Double Trouble!!
  • Bonus 37: Yayoi and Yoko: Peace Buster


  • These stories will be soon to be released in
  • A running gag that Akane and Eiji shares the same surname, Hino.
  • A running gag that Yayoi and Gai are Super Hero fans at the same way.
  • Ellen, is similar to Joe. Since they both work for an evil empire (Mephisto and Zangyack) and they joined their teammates (Marvelous, Hibiki, and Kanade). Their theme color is also blue.
  • It isn't a real thing when Ryuuji can ice-skate. It's a fanmade idea.
  • Each episode has a different ending
  • Season 2 has a 'VS' on some of their episode titles

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