Super Cutie Honey Pretty Cure!
Sūpā Kyūtī Hanī Purikyua!
General Information
DirectorAhim de Famille
StudioTOEI Animation
NetworkAhim Anime
Original RunTBA
Opening SongCute Time! Pretty Cure
Ending SongKira Kira♪Pika Pika
Pretty Cure Legend
Series Info
PredecessorFortune★Star Pretty Cure!

Note: Due to our new ownership, the series is in progress of being rewritten!

Super Cutie Honey Pretty Cure! (スーパーキューティーハニープリキュア! Sūpā Kyūtī Hanī Purikyua!?) is a Japanese magical girl anime series produced by Toei Animation and the unofficial installment to the Pretty Cure series. It is originally directed and written by Yousei A. Sina but taken over (through permission) by Ahim de Famille. It was replaced Fortune★Star Pretty Cure! in its initial timeslot. The season is about 4 little girls who are able to transform into Pretty Cure and fight against the evil Queen Kanashi. The main theme is based on happiness and friendship.


Some days ago, the Kingdom of Happiness, known as the Sugureta Kingdom, was attacked by the evil Queen named Queen Kanashi. She wants to steal everyone's happiness and rule the Sugureta Kingdom. She sent her followers to earth to steal peoples happiness so no one can stop her. Two fairies from Sugureta Kingdom came to earth too. They wanted to stop them but instead they found the legendary warriors Pretty Cure!



Shinryoku Chika (心力智佳 Shinryoku Chika?)
Chika is an always happy and helpful girl who is liked by most likely everyone in town. She has a habit to give everyone a cute nickname. Chika lives with her grandmother because her parents are out of town. Her alter ego is Cure Heartful (キュアハートフル Kyua Hātofuru?) and her powers are based on love.
Hanami Kaoru (花美薫 Hanami Kaoru?)
Kaoru is a shy girl with a big heart. If she talks to somebody, she only talks with her friends or her family. Chika likes to call her Shiny (シャイニー Shainī?). Her alter ego is Cure Bubble (キュアバブル Kyua Baburu?) and her powers are based on light.
Kikuki Masami (菊木まさみ Kikuki Masami?)
Masami is for her age a really smart girl. She loves to read and share her books and knowledge with her friends. She prefers to read her books in nature instead of reading them in her room. Her alter ego is Cure Refresh (キュアリフレッシュ Kyua Rifuresshu?) and her powers are based on nature.
Meguno Riko (恵乃莉子 Meguno Riko?)
Riko has a similar personality as Chika has. But until this year, she lived at the other side of the town. Because of her father's work, her family moved to side where the others live. Her alter ego is Cure Sparkling (キュアスパークリング Kyua Supākuringu?) and her powers are based on water.
Past Pretty Cures
The Former Pretty Cures are the Cures from different centuries. They appear for the first time in the Happiness Miracle Book.


Teddyテディ (Tedi?)
Teddy is one of the two fairies from Sugureta Kingdom who came to earth. Teddy always ends his sentences with "~happy".
Bearベア (Bea?)
Bear is one of the two fairies from Sugureta Kingdom who came to earth. Bear always ends his sentences with "~happy".


Queen Kanashi (クィーン悲しい Ku~īn Kanashī?)
Queen Kanashi is the main villain of this season. She wants to rule the Sugureta Kindgom.

First Half

Machigatta (間違った Machigatta?)
Machigatta is the first villain who appears at the earth.
Hidoi (酷い Hidoi?)
Hodoi is the second villain who appears at the earth.
Iyana (嫌な Iyana?)
Iyana is the third villain who appears at earth.
Saitei (サイテイ Saitei?)
Saitei are the monsters of this season.

Second Half

Inga (インガ Inga?)
Inga is the first villain from the second half.
Achilles (アキレス Akiresu?)
Achilles is the second villain from the second half.
Rhea (レア Rea?)
Rhea is the third villain from the second half.
Sakido (サキドー Sakidō?)
Sakido are the monsters of the second half.

Minor characters

Shinryoku Ren (心力れん Shinryoku Ren?)
Ren is Chika's older sister.
Shinryoku Mai (心力まい Shinryoku Mai?)
Mai is Chika and Ren's mother.
Shinryoku Arata (心力あらた Shinryoku Arata?)
Arate is Chika and Ren's father.
Shinryoku Kohaku (心力こはく Shinryoku Kohaku?)
Kohaku is Chika and Ren's grandmother.
Hanami Naoki (花美なおき Hanami Naoki?)
Naoki is Kaoru's father.
Kikuki Yasu (菊木やすKikuki Yasu?)
Yasu is Masami's older brother.
Kikuki Shinobu (菊木忍 Kikuki Shinobu?)
Shinobu is Yasu and Masami's mother.
Meguno Ayame (恵乃あやめ Meguno Ayame?)
Ayame is Riko's mother.
Meguno Kenta (恵乃けんた Meguno Kenta?)
Kenta is Riko's father.



  • Lovely Cure Watch (ラブリーキュア·ウォッチ Raburīkyua· u~otchi) - the main transformation item of this season. Their transformation speech is Pretty Cure Super Cute Miracle!
  • Honey Heart Flash (ハニーハートフラッシュ Hanī Hāto Furasshu) - this season's main weapon.
  • Happiness Miracle Book (ハピネスミラクルブック Hapinesu Mirakuru Bukku) - an old book about Pretty Cures and Pretty Cure powers.
  • Miracle Butterfly Light (ミラクルバタフライライト Mirakuru Batafurai Raito) - holy items from Sugureta Kingdom.



  • This is the first season where all Cures are younger than 13.
  • Super Cutie Honey Pretty Cure! is the first Pretty Cure Season, which includes Miracle Lights.
  • This is the first season with four Cures, which has a green Cure instead of a purple or a red Cure.


Dream Selfy


  • As of April 3, 2015, Ahim de Famille will take over the series from the former ownership. The former owner of the season is Yousei A. Sina. See here for more.