Suite Pirate Pretty Cure♪ (スイート パイレーツ プリキュア♪ Suīto Pairētsu Purikyua♪) is a Suite Pretty Cure♪ spinoff series created by CureKanade. In this series, Hibiki and the others become pirate super heroes who have to save the ocean and music at the same time from their new enemy, Rough Current.

Suite Pirate Pretty Cure♪
AAAA Hibiki
スイート パイレーツ プリキュア♪
Suīto Pairētsu Purikyua♪
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebruary 2, 2014 - ongoing
Episodes49 episodes
Series Info
SuccessorSmile Pretty Cure Princesses!


Suite Pirate Pretty Cure♪ Episodes


Pretty Cure

Hibiki Houjou/Captain Hibiki

Kanade Minamino/Pirate Kanade

Ellen Kurokawa/Pirate Ellen

Ako Shirabe/Pirate Ako



Rough Current

Víbora is a Spanish fifteen year old who can speak a bit of japanese but not a lot. She writes her name in Spanish and likes babysitting Fuka. Víbora translates to viper in Spanish.

Fuka (鱶 Fuka ) is a ten year old girl who hates getting baby sat by Víbora. She has an interest in sharks and uses sharks as her detraction for Hibiki and others so she can strike. Her name translates to shark in Japanese.

Senpaku (船舶 Senpaku) is a 39 year old man who uses storm as his power. He is rude to the girls and likes to annoy Hibiki the most. His name translate to ship in Japanese.

Nagare (流れ Nagare) is the monster of Rough Current.

Arai (粗い Arai) is the leader of Rough Current.



Pirate Module



  • This is CureKanade's first spinoff series.
  • This CureKanade's second time to make Suite Pretty Cure♪ have a sequel.


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